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Grieving Parents

This is part of an article I read about grieving parents…

Moreover, those who seek to comfort grieving parents need to recognize and understand the complexities of the parents’ emotions and should avoid relying on preconceived ideas about the way a couple is supposed to grieve if their child dies. Reactions of grieving parents may seem overly intense, self-absorbing, contradictory, or even puzzling. For bereaved parents, the death of a child is such an overwhelming event that their responses may often be baffling not only to others but to themselves as well.”

Lots of people say lots of things…Most of them are not comforting, and unless you are a Mother who lost a child, you will never know, further more, unless you are a Mother who watched her child suffer, you really will never know. So don’t judge, make assumptions, give advice, seek to understand or wonder when We will be back to ourselves, we won’t be. The best thing you can do, is keep my baby alive, talk about her every time you see me,  and never stop. Make her brother feel special, because he is the most special amazing big brother, and always let him know that. And sometimes, you might just have to take a reaction that you might not like, but, It’s not about you. If you love us, you’ll understand. I guess that is what happens, some old relationships no longer work, because some people just are too selfish to adjust with you, and then comes the other side, New relationships bloom and people you never thought you could connect with are there.

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  1. AuntMonMon said:

    Well said and thats the truth. Im always going to be here for you guys no matter what and Alexa is always going to be alive for as long as we walk this earth. As well as Joshua feeling special because he is and he will know how special he is. The parents of two amazing special out of this world angels! I love you all

  2. Aunt Chelly said:

    The only thing that I can say is that I completely agree with you. Alexa is always on our minds and she is always and will always be thought about and talked about and alive with us, no matter where we are. There is not one moment that goes by that Alexa is not spoken of or thought about. And as for Joshua, he is extremely special and he is just as amazing as his sister. Darlene and Josh were blessed with two of the most amazing children that I have ever met. I Love you all

  3. Dear Alexa’s Mom……Thank you so much for recently contacting me. Alexa is beautiful and I enjoyed reading your blog. I replied to you via email and would love to chat with you sometime. What you wrote on your blog regarding grieving parents is such a beautiful way to tell other’s how we feel. With your permission, I would like to post the paragraph you wrote about grieving parents onto my blog. Thank you so much for sharing. And, even though we have never met, we now have a connection with our precious daughters. I am looking forward to reading more about her. You are in my prayers……

  4. Amanda Teixeira said:

    I totally agree with this Dee. That’s why although, I do read what you write and try to keep up with it i don’t always write. Ill never understand but I’m not trying to i just wanna be here for you. Your my big cousin my sister forever, I truely admire how brave and strong you have been. And I want you to know, I think of her everyday she is on my mind all the time. I love you.

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