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Grieving Parents

This is part of an article I read about grieving parents…

Moreover, those who seek to comfort grieving parents need to recognize and understand the complexities of the parents’ emotions and should avoid relying on preconceived ideas about the way a couple is supposed to grieve if their child dies. Reactions of grieving parents may seem overly intense, self-absorbing, contradictory, or even puzzling. For bereaved parents, the death of a child is such an overwhelming event that their responses may often be baffling not only to others but to themselves as well.”

Lots of people say lots of things…Most of them are not comforting, and unless you are a Mother who lost a child, you will never know, further more, unless you are a Mother who watched her child suffer, you really will never know. So don’t judge, make assumptions, give advice, seek to understand or wonder when We will be back to ourselves, we won’t be. The best thing you can do, is keep my baby alive, talk about her every time you see me, ¬†and never stop. Make her brother feel special, because he is the most special amazing big brother, and always let him know that. And sometimes, you might just have to take a reaction that you might not like, but, It’s not about you. If you love us, you’ll understand. I guess that is what happens, some old relationships no longer work, because some people just are too selfish to adjust with you, and then comes the other side, New relationships bloom and people you never thought you could connect with are there.


Team Lexi Pie

We have started a Relay for Life team in honor of our Lexi Pie, anyone who would like to donate and support our team would be greatly appreciated and Lexi would be very proud. Thanks!!


Face of An Angel

Face of An Angel

Alexa so sweet, so pure, so innocent, so radiant with beauty, so precious and so full of God and all of is Wisdom, I long to be like you…

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