Courageous Journey of An Angel on Earth


Back in December I wrote something to you Lexi, and it goes like this…

“Alexa, I have not lost you, I have gained an amazing constant love that is greater than any other physical relationship we can encounter.”

Each day I am growing, each day I continue to learn from you, each day I am still giving thanks to you and realize how true that quote really is. I’ve learned a lot about human nature, and a lot about what we do here, what we focus on, what we make the pinnacle of our lives, and It is all so wrong. I am so grateful for having this wisdom, now to try to put it to work will be the challenge. Here’s what I know…I know that as human beings we live through a very physical and material world, I also know that physical and material are so meaningless in our lives. I am learning all about love. So foolish of me to think I knew all I had to know about love. I have 10 brothers and sisters, 2 children of my own and an amazing husband. So that is all I need to know about love, right? Wrong. The love that I am learning right now is so intense and so deep and so beyond this world, that I will never be able to do it Justice with words. It’s a new door that has been opened, because of Alexa, It is where my faith has been “trying” to lead me and others every moment of our lives but we keep missing it. The reason why death is so unbearable to us is because we have lost the physical and material part of that life. But that is not what defines love, what defines love has nothing to do with the physical, we only learn through the physical world and are put into contact with each others souls that way. So once we no longer have that physical contact and that physical life with our loved ones, where does that leave us. If you are lucky enough to realize, we are where we have always been, filled with love that is alive everyday, that continues to grow everyday, it does not go away when ¬†someone leaves us and we can’t touch them anymore. It manifests inside of you and all of a sudden it is overflowing, and when it happens all I can do is stand in shock, here it goes again, It’s like Alexa is dancing around inside my heart and my soul, with such joy and excitement, “Mommy I’m so proud, Mommy now you know, God sent me to you to teach you all about love, and now God is so proud of Me!” You see, her mission has been accomplished here, she came to do this, she succeeded and she went home, now she is waiting for all of us to learn, to succeed upon this mystery of love. They say the body is only a vehicle for the soul, what a perfect example. The world of eternal life has nothing to do with anything physical and material, we just up and leave one day, all money, all possessions and treasures we leave behind, they don’t mean a thing. What we are left with is love, It is the root of everything, It is all we really need to know. So what joins the physical world with heaven is love, and we would all be so much more in touch with the spiritual world and more in touch with the fruit of our souls if we could just realize and let go of the physical and material world, that is all too important to us. So it is another Ah-Ha moment for me. That’s what the Lord wants me to know, that Alexa is in me, with me, will never leave me, because she is in fact very alive, and the Love I feel everyday is the proof. And remember, most importantly, LOVE IS ETERNAL.

Comments on: "Love" (6)

  1. It’s amazing how much Alexa has taught not only me, but how much she continues to teach us through our daily encounters and through her amazing and beautiful mother. As I was talking about Lexy the other day I had said, we still have Alexa, we can’t hold her but we still have her, always will, and we will be with her again. Lexy deserves to be in a perfect paradise.. I just can’t wait to be with her! Love you Baby!!!! Love Goomamama

  2. AuntMonMon said:

    Oh Lexi words cant describe. I quote Pop on this one, “Thank you Alexa for saving my soul.” All of our souls baby I cant stop saying how amazin you are! I cant express how much I love you. Because of you I want to save other peoples souls as well and share my knowledge I learn from you with them! Always and forever Lexi Baby, Love Aunt MonMon

  3. Aunt Chelly said:

    Alexa it is so amazing how much you have taught everyone, especially me. I just can’t find the words to describe how amazing and special you are. The way that you have changed our lives is just unbelievable. I thank you everyday Alexa for teaching me, and I continue to learn from you and your Amazing Mommy each day. I LOVE YOU! MY SPECIAL LITTLE ANGEL. Love you Aunt Chelly

  4. Cousin Matthew said:

    I love you lex! I decided that everything i do is in honor of you. You are my motivation to do things that are hard like workout. You set the tone for me! Of course, i will never be as strong as you. No one can.
    I love you Alexa Marie

  5. Aunt Michelle said:

    Lexi is my go-to girl. A while back I told myself not to get stressed out by the insignificant thing in life. BUT like any person does, we do get our feelings hurt or we have just reached out tolerance limit. This is when I ask her for the strength and patience to see me through those times of weakness. Like when I want to snap back or say something that I know wont resolve the issue. So far today, I’ve asked Lexi for guidance, a little more patience, and even to forgive. Right about now, just by talking to her, I feel better. I feel a little bit stronger. Thank you Lexi Angel Baby. I know you are taking care of all of us and listening when we need to speak our peace and try to make things right.

  6. Cousin Matthew said:

    Alexa marie is my little girl, my little cousin, my inspiration, and my EVERYTHING!!!

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