Courageous Journey of An Angel on Earth

Sounds like Lexi talking…

“Words from an Angel”
I have not turned my back on you,
So there is no need to cry.
I’m watching you from heaven,
Just beyond the morning sky.
I’ve seen you almost fall apart
When you could barely stand.
I asked the Lord to comfort you,
And watched Him take your hand.
He told me you are in more pain,
Than I could ever be.
He wiped his eyes and swallowed hard,
Then gave your hand to me.
Although you may not feel my hand
Or see me by your side
I’ve whispered that I love you
While I wiped each tear you cried,
So please try not to ache for me
We’ll meet again one day
Beyond the dark and stormy sky
A rainbow lights the way.

Comments on: "Sounds like Lexi talking…" (8)

  1. Goomamama said:

    I don’t think that that could have been put more perfectly. Those are words are exactly what Lexy would say to you. Loveyou AngelAlexa ❀

  2. Cousin Madison Who Loves You!! said:

    Ohhhhhh!!! I just can’t wait to see you Lexi!!!!!

  3. Auntie Danielle said:

    Alexa knows what you need an what we need she is going to get us through this and get all of us where she is.. One day Alexa soon we will be in each others arms and I can’t wait till that day comes where I can look into those beautiful brown eyes and tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you angel.. I miss you like crazy. I know your with me lex.. I love you Alexa Marie!!!!!

  4. Aunt Chelly said:

    Thank you Lex, that’s exactly what we need to hear… I miss you so much, can’t wait to see you again my Little Angel. I love you Alexa Marie!

  5. Cousin Matthew said:

    Hi lexy. You always know what to say. You are perfect. I loovve you

  6. Uncle Joe, Aunt Michelle, and Karra said:

    Uncle Joe had a dream about Lexi the other night. He said it was so real. She was sitting on his lap and he was telling her how much we love her and miss her. She just sat there listening and smiling.

    She doesn’t need to say anything, her looks say it all. And this poem is so true. She will NEVER leave us, especially when she is needed so much for comfort.

    When Karra says “Lexi” it’s sounds almost like she’s saying “Lucky”. We should only be so lucky to have this little Angel to watch over us. I feel lucky to have known her and I don’t know what her TRUE lesson was for us to learn, but that doesn’t mean I’m not noticing all the other things she’s taught me. Patience, understanding, fearlessness, and compassion. I try everyday to live up to the standards she set.

    We love you Lexi and will never forget you. Always and forever.

  7. AuntMonMon said:

    First time I heard this song was the begining of October and it brought tears to my eyes. Ever since its been Lexi’s song and I turn it up loud for her whenever its on. I love you angelπŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’œ

  8. Cousin Matthew said:

    Lexi, oh my gosh. I couldnt say that better myself. You were the best cousin you could ever be to me. You always tell me everything
    is going to be alright and you always calm me down when im sad. Know matter what anyone says, YOU ARE MY SPECIAL LITTLE COUSIN!!! No one can ever teach me what you tought me. Well maybe mommy can because you two are twins and know eachother better than any other mommy and daughter out there. Theres no better team out there of mommy/daughter power. You were a match… Ding ding ding we have winners, Alexa and mommy. Well I’m gonna visit you one day Alexa Marie and when that day comes… Well we’ll just have to see. I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

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