Courageous Journey of An Angel on Earth

I See the Light

I am utterly captivated by you Alexa. I’ve just been struck again in awe of you. My Angel, how can I explain this to anyone. Something comes over me and it is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever had in my life. So many of you will wonder how can she be feeling this way…I can’t believe this myself. I think of Alexa and I am suddenly struck by this, she has had such an impact on my life but it doesn’t stop there, look at the people she has and will continue to touch everyday. Is this possible, that a baby can do this? It is not possible for a baby to do this, she is not an ordinary baby, she is a Saint. Her eyes pierce through me as I gaze at her photos, it’s like she knew something all along. But now I know something about being here, everyday has to be lived in preparation for the day we get called home. You can challenge that if you wish, but I think it will be hard to prove otherwise. Think about it. I was not living that way, as close as I thought I was coming I wasn’t living up to it. Every moment is a struggle for me, I can’t even put it into minutes, hours and forget about days, it’s each and every moment, but somehow, my Angel keeps coming through for me, right when I need her, she has not left me, and she will not leave me, for a Mom like me to be able find faith, even if just for a second everyday, I will say that I can see the Light… and it is so amazing when that happens to you. Most people will come to this earth and not be able to make a fraction of an impact in their entire lives here as the impact that Alexa has made in one short year, but the influence she has brought here will live on for an eternity, as I will bring this through eternity with me. Once again Alexa I love you, I am struck by you, complete and utter awe of you, Thank you God for this unbelievable opportunity…

Comments on: "I See the Light" (1)

  1. Cousin Matthew said:

    Alexa marie sanner… You are the world. You make the world complete. I lloovvee yyoouu guys so much

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