Courageous Journey of An Angel on Earth

Alexa The Beautiful

Alexa’s story will be told….This is a step that must be taken for her honor

Comments on: "Alexa The Beautiful" (2)

  1. Maria Teixeira said:

    With tears running down my face. You my cousin Darlene are so very special !!!! Words have no definition to explain how special you are. When you said Alexa was a copy of you I couldn’t agree more. When I look at her pictures I see you in those smiling big brown eyes, down to her button nose and her angelic little face. I never got to know my beautiful baby cousin the way I wanted to because of this terrible disease called “CANCER” whom I hate so much! I ask God all the time Why? Why Alexa? Why did my cousin have to go through this nightmare? Its not fair!!!! The only logical reason I can come up with is She, Alexa Marie Sanner is an Angel she came to complete a mission. She did complete her mission somewhere in our hearts that answer is but I, we, her family can’t yet figure it out. We each got a message from your “Little Angel” you need to know that<3
    I think about Alexa everyday… I pray to her and little Nonnie now… I ask her to take care and watch over her Mommy & Daddy and big brother Joshie and our whole family. I think about you my cousin everyday, your husband and Joshie <333 I love you guys and I know that everyday is still a battle for you and your family. I wish and know our whole family would have taken her pain away as well as yours if we could. We all would have done anything to stop this pain.
    I know you will continue to be the strong woman that you are and Josh the strong man that he is. Your a good Mommy and remember Alexa is with you every second, minute and hour of the day. Alexa will always be thought of, she will always be remembered and never be forgotten by everyone of us. Alexa I love you Doll !!!!!!
    Love Always and Forever your cousin,
    Maria xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. AuntMonMon said:

    JawexaJarie. I remember the day I pushed you out of your mommys tummy, we couldnt wait to get you out and meet you! I pushed you and pushed you then I went home and five minutes later mommy called me and told me her water broke so I rushed back to your house to stay with Joshy. You came out the next morning and no one could wait to see you! I remember your first bath, the blonde nurse dropped your whole bucket of soap and water all over the floor and my heart stopped becuz she got me so mad and nervous I didnt even want her bathing you after that, I wanted to do it myself I didnt trust her. I remember the day you were coming home, mommy goomamama and I were getting you all dressed and pretty, goomamama dressed you in your outfit and we tried putting “tights” on you (I listened to mommy when it came to baby clothes because I couldnt tell which were outfits and which were jammies. I asked her what this silly peice of clothing was and she said tights, I thought to myself, I guess itty bitty baby tights didnt have spots for the feet. So it was settled, they were tights) as goomamama tried stretching them enough to get them on she said “i dont think these are tights.” I stopped her and said wait thats a hat that you tie! We laughed so hard at how silly mommy and I were. Mommy tried not to laugh so hard becuz she was sore but she couldnt help it it was hilarious! From the day I pushed mommys belly to get you out you changed my life and I love you so much you are just too special for my mind to comprehend you are amazing I never felt this way about a baby before and I now know its because you are our Angel. Your godparents are really lucky to have you as their godchild. Your parents are really lucky to have you as their daughter. Your brother is really lucky to have you as his baby sister. Your grandparents are really lucky to have you as their granddaughter. Your aunts and uncles are really lucky to have you as their niece. I am really lucky to have you in my life, to kiss you, hug you, touch you, love you, know you, learn from you. You amaze me and you have touched so many people that none of us can ever touch in a million years. I LOVE YOU ALEXA MARIE<3

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